Flyball Sanctioning

Flyball tournaments are sanctioned by either one of two organizations (U-FLI and NAFA).  Dogs and handlers must be registered with the respective organization prior to running their first tournament.  Registration enables the organizations to track points accumulated by the dog and award titles as earned.  The registration numbers are a one-time expenditure and, once assigned, are good for the life of the dog. 

The websites for both of these organizations have a vast amount of information, including statistics, tournament listings, and their official rules for racing (the rules for each organization vary slightly). 

Throughout the year, different clubs all over the country (and Canada) will host a flyball tournament and seek sanctioning of that tournament through either U-FLI or NAFA, depending on the club’s preference.  SD Flyball hosts one to two U-FLI tournaments each year.

♦ United Flyball League International, Inc.

♦ North American Flyball Association, Inc. (NAFA®)