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In Training

Handler: Chris and Gia
Breed:   Eurasier
First Flyball Title:  Coming soon
Bio:  Tesla is a Eurasier and future flyball dog. She loves food, meeting people, food, meeting dogs, and food. She is such a happy, confident, well-behaved puppy and has been a delight to add to our home.

While Tesla is more of a companion dog than a working dog, she is quite athletic and is willing to do just about anything for a treat. She isn't allowed over the full-size jumps yet, but is already showing great promise running the course with baby jumps.

Tesla's favorite activities include eating food, vacuuming up bits and dust balls from the ground, wrestling with her brother Moss, and stealing his toys. She is so enthusiastic and it's hard not to smile whenever she comes over to excitedly greet you, wiggling her whole body and swirling her tail around.

Tesla still has a bit of growing up to do before competing in flyball, so for now she's just enjoying being a puppy and hanging out with her teammates at practices, tournaments, and the beach. She packs a lot of personality into her furry little body, and we can't wait for her to be U-FLI and NAFA’s first Eurasier!


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