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Handler: Elisabeth Wahl
Breed:   Mixed
First Flyball Title:  2010
Bio: Lucy came into my life right after I graduated from undergrad.  I was visiting my parentsí home in Mississippi and found her at a no-kill shelter in a bad part of town.  When I picked her up she refused to jump in the car, go up or down stairs, or play with toys.  She was 11 months old, still had 4 month old stitches in her belly, and was clueless.  She had terrible mange and a skin infection.  Six months, several vet visits, special food, and lots of adventures later we had moved to MD for a temporary job and then to VA for grad school.  It was in grad school Lucy learned to play flyball with New River Rapids.  She was not the easiest to train. Despite her retriever exterior, she had to learn to fetch using a clicker and spent a while learning her version of a swimmers turn.  She earned the nickname "short bus" after all her crazy antics running around the barn while on her VA team.  She carried that lovely and crazy attitude straight on into her many teams in Cali.  SD flyball allows her to play the game she loves and be herself all at the same time.  We are happy we found a home on SD flyball where we can both just be ourselves.  Lucy absolutely loves the beach and spends most evenings hunting lizards or crickets in the backyard.
She is my first dog and holds a very special place in my heart.


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