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Patchwork's I Only Have Eyes For You "Riley"

Handler: Karen Leopold
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
First Flyball Title: 2005
Bio: Riley, the dog that brought me to Flyball.  Riley is a Mini Aussie from Patchwork Mini Aussies.  Riley came home as a puppy with a tennis ball pretty much glued in his mouth and started flyball at 8 months old.  Riley is a difficult dog, he is guardy, he is a fence barker, he slams the TV, and he steals food.  He is also the  reason for most of the friendships I now have, my husband, my social life and my dedication to our team and flyball.  He loves me way too much and mopes and waits by the backdoor if I go away.  I love this dog more than anything.  He is my hiking buddy and would never leave my side.  He loves to swim, loves to roll in the snow and he loves food.  He is our team dog highest in U-FLI points and was voted our most reliable dog.  We keep thinking we will retire him soon but he usually ends up running because we need him and he always does his job.  We now have a JRT and 2 BCs that are much faster flyball dogs, but in my book, there will never be a greater flyball dog then Riley.

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