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Handler: Chris and Gia
Breed:   Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller)
First Flyball Title:  2013
Bio: Moss is a two year-old Duck Toller and flyball dog in training. He started learning this past January and so far has competed in three tournaments. He does great by himself but sometimes gets confused or lazy in a group race or during a tournament. Moss came to us as an adorable eight week-old stubborn terror and has since grown up into a wonderful and funny dog. He is a true Toller -- he makes high-pitched screams on the sidelines of a flyball race, and if you show him a fuzzy toy he will be yours forever. As Moss is a toy dog, there is absolutely nothing he wants more than the ball at the end of the track, so we are working on finding the best motivation for him to return speedily. He's very smart but can get a bit one track-minded. Because of this, he can be quite picky -- right now he will only run for little tennis balls, and if a normal-sized ball is in the box, he’ll spit it out and start looking around for a proper one!

Moss is pretty uninterested in other dogs, but he really lives for making human friends. . He especially loves the friends he's made through flyball and bursts with excitement greeting everyone at practice each week. He surprised us recently, though, when we added a new puppy, Tesla, to the family. He has really taken to the role of big brother, and happily wrestles with our new addition for hours every day.

Moss is such a goofy dog that always keeps us laughing. He loves to hike, paw at balls in shallow water, and play with really gross tennis balls – the more disgusting, the better. He takes "indestructible" toys as simply a brief challenge, and loves making ridiculous growly noises which you'll be sure to hear if you ever see him wrestle with his sister. He lives for fetch, and loves to make strangers at the park feel uncomfortable by dropping balls at their feet and lying down patiently until they kick it.

Moss is such a joy to have around and we can't wait to watch him grow as a Flyball team member. He has his first title in both U-FLI and NAFA and we look forward to him earning many more.


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