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Handler: Cheryl MacDonald
Breed:   Yorkshire  Terrier
First Flyball Title:   2010
Bio: Mistie, nicknamed the "naughty dog" for misadventures in the flyball ring, started flyball at 7 months old after she was kicked out of the dog park for climbing a tree and stealing someone else's ball out of a chuck-it.  It was suggested that we might like flyball because of her crazy ball obsession.  It's been a long slow training road, but I never gave up on her because no matter her crazy antics (and there have been plenty) I knew that she was having fun.  After four years of training and at almost 5 years old, we now have more good tournament days then bad but it was a long process to ge there.  Mistie is a great reminder for all our new team mates when they get frustrated because everyone has a story about her.  They can hear the crazy stories and then look at her and see that hey can get through the frustration.  Mistie also makes me realize how fortunate I am to have found such a wonderful flyball family.  Without the support of such great team mates, I'm 100% sure that we would have never made it through.  Mistie has accomplished more then I ever thought possible in flyball in those early days and taken me to places I would have never imagined, but I still never know what she's going to do at a tournament.  She could be perfect, or run around in circles in the middle of a race like she did on Saturday at the Otay Ranch tournament.


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