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Lock Eye Liberty Belle "Libby"

Handler: Karen Leopold
Breed: Border Collie
First Flyball Title: 2008
Fastest Singles Time: 4.553
Bio:Lock Eye Liberty Belle is a silly, bitchy border collie. She is our household princess and team diva. Libby is a good, reliable flyball dog who still occasionally has a wild moment and chases one of her team mates back to the box. She has to run behind a dog she loves or else it's no fun! Watch out if you are near her as she lines up - she bites calves in the heat of the moment! She was a nervous young BC and has overcome all of her fears through flyball. She loves to swim, hike and go to the beach, but she is also a mellow homebody that loves to sleep under the bed. Libby adores other border collies and has become a happier dog since the addition of Hurricane to our pack. Libby is my first border collie and a weirdly wonderful little girl.


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