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Handler: Rebecca Aikin
Breed:   Mixed
First Flyball Title:  2013
Bio: My name is Kendyll and I am an Australian Kelpie mix born on September 12, 2009. My mom, Rebecca, rescued me from the animal shelter on the day I turned 14 months old. I have always loved people and I get excited to meet every new person I can. I have had some issues getting along with other dogs but we found a great trainer that helped me learn how to be around other dogs and now I get along with most of them, even at the dog park.

My first canine sport was lure coursing, I just love to chase and everyone always said how fast I was! But that was a hard sport since I didn't understand that I had to wait my turn and let the other dogs take their turns. I got so excited I couldn't relax at all and my mom thought I would give myself a heart attack. My next sport was agility, which I caught onto really quickly and enjoyed very much. But I was so fast my mom had a hard time keeping up with me sometimes.

Then my mom decided we should try Flyball and we met this great team in February of 2013. After a few short months of practice I entered my first tournament in April in Fresno, CA. It didn't start off well as I decided to chase my competition, but as the weekend wore on, I finally got the hang of it with the help of my friends, and made my first clean runs. I did well enough that weekend to earn my first title, and mom was very proud. Since then, I have run in a lot of other tournaments and haven't chased any more dogs! In September of 2013 I traveled to Las Vegas and did so well that Beau said I wasn’t a ‘green dog’ anymore.  I have run very consistently since then except for the occasional blooper (everybody has them).  My favorite teammates are the border collies, I bark at them a lot, but I also love our height dogs so I can go faster over the lower jumps.  I continue to earn titles and have lots of fun at practice and at the races.  I hope I continue to run clean and I am working on my turn at the box so I can be even faster!  I am looking forward to many more years of flyball with all of my people and dog friends…and maybe even racing with my new sister…Kiyah.

Besides Flyball, I love Fiesta Island where I run, chase the frisbee and swim a lot! I also love to go hiking with my friends, go to any dog beach I can find and then resting in my mom's bathtub during my down time because it is my favorite place in the house.


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