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Handler: Britney Thiessen
Breed:   Mini Australian/American Shepherd
First Flyball Title:  2012
Bio: Our daughter Brittany researched dogs breeds on the internet for weeks to pick the just right sized dog with the just right traits that she wanted.  She finally settled on an Australian Shepherd as the breed.  We looked until we found a litter with pups that were ready to find a home.

Katara was born Nov. 26, 2011.  We picked her up from Timeless Aussies Kennels in the little town of Buelton in Santa Ynez Valley, a beautiful area of California.  Katara took to us without looking back, and was excited about her new family!  We soon found out, as someone said, a “driven” puppy, she still is now, as a dog, she is just plain excited with life, excited to do just about anything and go anywhere we go.  Wherever we go she goes there with great gusto, with energy to spare.  We knew we had to give that energy an outlet.  While looking for that outlet, we came across the sport of Flyball.  It has been a great sport for her and she loves it. 

My daughter, Brittany, her handler has this to say:

She is really silly and cute and whenever I say the word Flyball she goes crazy.  At first Flyball was hard and she goofed off a lot and ran around the jumps.  She’s super smart and always finds an easier way around things, but she soon learned she gets treats for doing things the right way, and now hardly ever messes up.  Katara’s really protective of her people; I can hardly pet another dog without her getting jealous.  That’s why she doesn’t play with other dogs much.  But she’s super sweet with people.  She is really fast in my opinion; she still needs to work on her box turns though. She always wants attention, and she is adorable.


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